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$500 Trillion Lawsuit Against FEDERAL GOVT And Over 140 MONOPOLISTS

Date: September 9, 2021 Category: Videos

Friends of the Original Constitution. Exposing the FEDERAL GOVT as a fraudulent FOREIGN CORPORATION masquerading as our government and introduces the Declaration of Restoration that calls for a Consti...

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President Trump: FIX 2020 FIRST!

Date: September 4, 2021 Category: Videos

Trending new Trump statements:
It is time for Joe Biden to resign
A disgrace for our country
A Lot of People Are Going to Be Very Happy

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Do you Miss me yet? What a real leader looks like

Date: August 16, 2021 Published Category: Videos

Donald J. Trump statement:
Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and being taken advantage of by ...

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The future belongs to patriots

Date: August 8, 2021 Published Category: Videos

President Trump at the United Nations:
Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.
The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patr...

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August is typically a really hot month

Date: August 5, 2021 Published Category: Videos

- Largest Scale Exercise 2021 begins
- FEMA and FCC to test EBS
- Julian Assange court date 8/11
- Mike Lindell symposium 8/10-8/12
- White House threatening lockdown ...

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