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NESARA GESARA in force! Panic in DC!

Date: April 15, 2022 Category: Videos

The Sequel: Everything is a rich man's trick!
NESARA GESARA in force! Panic in DC! Bye, big Pharma/Tech!...

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ML Intel on Donald Trump, QFS

Date: March 13, 2022 Category: Videos

An Active Truther in the Q Anon movement was visited by the Federal Government.
Individuals That Are Considered Influencers Within The Q Anon Truther movement are being vetted and contacted, and ...

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Juan O Savin - State of affairs - Q&A

Date: February 23, 2022 Category: Videos

At 22 min mark
Q: Is NESARA / GESARA going to be a reality?
A: Yes!........

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Will XRP be the Gold Standard?

Date: February 17, 2022 Category: Videos

XRP is going to become the new gold standard!? ...

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GESARA Roundup

Date: February 4, 2022 Category: Videos

GESARA is being implemented. Ceasing all aggressive government military actions worldwide. The final preparations to unveil GESARA officially....

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